Branch Coverage


2950TFif ($Pod::Html::Config{'d_setlocale'})
260100TFif (defined $opts) { }
261100TFunless ref $opts eq 'HASH'
268100TFif defined $$opts{'podpath'}
269100TFif defined $$opts{'libpods'}
271100TFif defined $$opts{'backlink'}
272100TFif defined $$opts{'cachedir'}
273100TFif defined $$opts{'css'}
274100TFif defined $$opts{'header'}
275100TFif defined $$opts{'htmldir'}
276100TFif defined $$opts{'htmlroot'}
277100TFif defined $$opts{'index'}
278100TFif defined $$opts{'infile'}
279100TFif defined $$opts{'outfile'}
280100TFif defined $$opts{'poderrors'}
281100TFif defined $$opts{'podroot'}
282100TFif defined $$opts{'quiet'}
283100TFif defined $$opts{'recurse'}
284100TFif defined $$opts{'title'}
285100TFif defined $$opts{'verbose'}
286100TFif defined $$opts{'flush'}
296100TFif $$self{'Verbose'} and defined $$self{'flush'}
299100TFif (defined $$self{'flush'})
303100TFif $$self{'Htmlroot'} eq '/'
309100TFif $$self{'Htmlroot'} and $$self{'Htmldir'}
312100TFif ($$self{'Htmlroot'} eq '' and $$self{'Htmldir'} ne '' and substr($$self{'Htmlfile'}, 0, length $$self{'Htmldir'}) eq $$self{'Htmldir'})
335100TFif $cache_tests
33950TFunless chdir $$self{'Podroot'}
35050TFunless chdir $pwd
353100TFif ($$self{'Verbose'})
35650TFunless open my $CACHE, '>', $$self{'Dircache'}
3630TFif ($_updirs_only)
37550TFunless close $CACHE
40350TF$$self{'Backlink'} ? :
40850TFif ($$self{'Css'})
41650TF$$self{'Header'} ? :
45150TFif (not @ARGV && $ARGV[0]) { }
45250TFif ($$self{'Podfile'} and $$self{'Podfile'} ne '-') { }
46350TFif $$self{'Verbose'}
47250TFif ($$self{'Htmlfile'} and $$self{'Htmlfile'} ne '-') { }
47350TFunless open $FHOUT, '>', $$self{'Htmlfile'}
47750TFunless close $FHOUT
4840TFunless close $FHOUT
51450TFif $$self{'Saved_Cache_Key'} and $this_cache_key eq $$self{'Saved_Cache_Key'}
521100TFif (-f $$self{'Dircache'})
522100TFif $$self{'Verbose'}
549100TFif $$self{'Verbose'}
55050TFunless open my $CACHEFH, '<', $$self{'Dircache'}
55750TFif join(':', @{$$self{'Podpath'};}) eq $_
562100TFif $$self{'Podroot'} eq $_
565100TFif ($tests != 2)
570100TFif $$self{'Verbose'}
5880TF$$self{'Podroot'} eq 'File::Spec'->curdir ? :
629100TFunless defined $element
630100TFunless exists $$self{$element} and defined $$self{$element}
6620TFunless defined $to or defined $section
6630TFif (defined $section) { }
6650TFunless defined $to
6710TFif (not exists $self->pages->{$to}) { }
6790TFif $modname =~ /::\Q$to\E\z/l
6830TFif ($#matches == -1) { }
0TFelsif ($#matches == 0) { }
6840TFunless $self->quiet
6890TFunless $self->quiet
6940TFunless $self->quiet
7080TFif ($self->htmlfileurl ne '')