December 12 2016 Multisection: When You Need to Bisect More Than Once Back

multisect_all_targets(): First Bisection Round

        At commit counter 2, preparing to test commit 110 of 220
        Testing commit: 9c88bb56d60636172f099f56a2808249de0c55a6
        Running 'sh ./Configure -des -Dusedevel -Duseithreads 1>/dev/null'
        Running 'make test_prep 1>/dev/null 2>&1'
        Running 'cd t; ./perl harness -v /home/username/gitwork/perl/lib/locale.t > \
            /home/username/multisect/outputs/9c88bb5.lib_locale_t.output.txt 2>&1; cd -'
        Created /home/username/multisect/outputs/9c88bb5.lib_locale_t.output.txt
        Tested commit:  9c88bb56d60636172f099f56a2808249de0c55a6; returning to: blead
        Commit counter: 3


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